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Sunday March 22, 2009
Mary's Day Before 15th Birthday Party
Greensboro, North Carolina

Mary's First Birthday Party With The Grateful Dead

Happy Birthday Mary!! ~ Fifteen years young!!!

Please enjoy this Flash movie made from yesterday's birthday party, which includes a song played at your first birthday party, called 'Unbroken Chain', written by Bobby Petersen and sung by Phil Lesh with the Grateful Dead in Charlotte, NC. 'Unbroken Chain' is a very special song. A song I'll always remember you by. btw - this was your fourth GD show!

Please see the review below for an idea of what it was like seeing the GD playing it for your first birthday.

I am sending this e-mail to many of our family members and friends. Note to all: the download takes a minute or so and requires having Flash installed on your computer.

(~; In joy your day, Mary ;~)


Thanks for being born!!

Chris and Mary, and Cuzin Eric to the left on 23 March 1995

Reviewer: radford
Subject: Unbroken Chain
back in these days, most people depended on dupree's or relix for their setlists...there was no real instant way of getting a setlist without talking to someone who had attended the recent show(s). most people were internet-challenged. Because of this, not very many people actually believed that the boys had really played unbroken chain a couple of days earlier in philly. after all, in those days, unbroken chain was the classic song that few ever expected to played on stage. turns out the rumors were true and they played it. wow!!! the grand piano on the side of the stage let us know we were in for a great one. this show was also cool for the jam going in to drums. the only drawback was the vocal flub in scarlet->fire but it is easily forgivable ;-)...thanks to charlie miller for getting this great source out. this is, without a doubt, one of the best dead shows from their final year.





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