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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
Greensboro City Council Hearing
 Garden Lake Road Development Rezoning Proposal
May 15th at 5:30pm

Here is a look at the Greensboro City Council Hearing results from the
Garden Lake Road Development Rezoning Proposal.

Several speakers for and against the development spoke
while the Mayor and City Council Members listened.

The hearing was aired on Channel 13 and posted online.

This is a link to last nights video of the City Council Meeting

Link to the May 15th Council meeting Video. In a few moments
the online web page will appear. Press the "Jump to" down drop arrow
and select  "12. Ordinance amending chapter 30".
At the 2 hour mark is where I come into the conversation.

After deliberating the City Council Members came back with their vote:

Many Thanks to our City Council Members!

Watch a movie of our neighborhood by clicking the image below..

Special Thanks also goes to Willie Nelson for his soundtrack
"What A Wonderful World"

Very special Thanks goes to the staff members at Channel 13 for making the
City Council Hearings accessible to our community.





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