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Wedsnesday, May 16th, 2007
Greensboro City Council Hearing
 Garden Lake Road Development Rezoning Proposal

May 15th at 5:30pm

Here is a look at the Greensboro City Council Hearing results from the
Garden Lake Road Development Rezoning Proposal.


Watch a movie of our neighborhood by clicking the image below..





To the Editor

Last year the residents of Garden Lakes Estates were dismayed to learn Developers wanted to put a bank on the corner and a Walgreens on the other corner, at the entrance to our subdivision on New Garden Road.
The Zoning Board understood how we felt and voted in our favor. Since the Developer knew over 90% of the residents are against the construction, they withdrew their request.
We were therefore astonished recently to find the Developers were bringing this up before the Zoning Board again, with additions. This time, for reasons beyond our comprehension, they voted in favor of the Developers. The hearing before the Commissioners will be May 1st.
Lately it seems the Commissioners have been giving them what they ask for to the dismay of the residents and/or property owners nearby. Surely they haven’t
forgotten we voted for them to represent us? If they say ‘yes’ to the Developers who want to ruin the entrance to our subdivision, the other nice subdivisions along New Garden Road are likely to suffer the same fate.
I have been a resident of Garden Lakes Estates for over 45 years and hope it remains the way it is today.
Shirley Rothrock
5704 Southlake Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410


Members of the Greensboro City Council, please, please
consider the voices of our
neighborhood when voting on the
Garden Lakes and New Garden Road Proposal.



As a reminder.. this is the proposal we would like to avoid being voted for -


MPR Properties proposes to develop a property located at the intersection of New Garden Road and Garden Lake Drive in Greensboro, NC.

As proposed, this project will consist of a mix of:
  A bank with 4 drive-thru windows
 14,800 square foot pharmacy with a drive-thru
 16,600 square feet of retail
 16,600 square feet of general office space
 74 units of residential condominiums







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